Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Shower Ideas?

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Question by Sierria: Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Shower Ideas?
Im having a baby in June and a baby shower on April 11th. Its being thrown by me because we live by my husbands family, and i dont know them that well. I want my baby shower to be Nightmare Before Christmas themed because that’s what our baby boys room is themed. So i am in need of some ideas for the party/shower!

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Answer by Mommy@!
Your son is going to have nightmares…that movie came out when I was around five, my grandfather made me watch it, and to this day it creeps me out. Be ready for your son to be sleeping in your room for a very long time….

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  1. Noah's Mommy & Marine Wife. says:

    I haven’t ever seen any Nightmare Before Christmas anything geared towards baby. Frankly in my opinion, it doesn’t seem like a very baby friendly theme.

    Here you go, though, apparently it’s more popular than I thought:

  2. dramachic92 says:

    I don’t believe he will have nightmares, if he is born into it, it won’t be a big deal…as long as no one freaks him out about it.

    Hmmmm….you should get a cake with Jack on the front.
    Some dark colored streamers

    Ok, so I’m the worst idea chick out there…I fail at life. haha. Good luck and congrats!

  3. ~*Mrs. BAT~*Kalinas mom*~ says:

    That is so cool! I wish we’d been able to have a theme like that, but where we didn’t have much money and other people got us most of our stuff, we have mostly pooh. Oh well. Anyway, check online, if you can. I’d say you’ll have a better chance of finding some cool stuff online. If you want a cake or something, try taking a picture or something to a place and maybe get a picture cake. That’s all the ideas I have right now. I’ll look online and see if I can find anything cool and I’ll post some links if I do. Good luck with that, I’d love to see pics of the room and shower. I love Tim Burton. (Btw, if you’re a fan, too, did you hear that he’s doing Alice in Wonderland, scheduled to come out next year?)

  4. Emma's Momma!! ♥ 1/29 says:

    WHY would you do that?!

  5. Bella says:

    This idea is definitely a lot more popular than I thought it would be! I’m doing the same theme for our baby’s room. (Actually, our house is lightly NBC themed.) There is a crib set on Ebay (sold by seller goth babies) that is black white and red (which are supposedly great colors for a baby’s room) with Jack and Oogie. There’s also some pictures online that I’ve found of a few cute rooms that I might be able to find again if you’d like. It won’t give the baby nightmares, the bold colors and shapes make the baby’s mind think. NBC was my (and still is) my all time favorite movie when I was little. I watched it constantly.
    As far as the shower, a round white cake with jack’s face is what I’m doing. Or you could go with a picture cake and do a scene. Black streamers with pumpkins, Christmas decor…. you name it… This is something you can really have fun with! Good luck and I hope it works out for you!

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