Good prizes for baby shower games for men and women?

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Question by mememe: Good prizes for baby shower games for men and women?
I am trying to think of some good, low priced baby shower game prizes for a baby shower that will have both men and women. I plan on fitting these prizes into baby bottles. I will already have lotto tickets ($ 5 worth) in one, but what about the other three? We will be playing a total of 4 games, all either guys vs girls or couples. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Answer by I heart avacados
A gift that both men and women could use are those gift cards you can get for restaurants and fast food places. Everyone likes free food!

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  1. HaPpIlYmArRiEd says:

    Gas gift cards!!!

  2. xtrue says:

    gift cards, key chains, candies

  3. Sarah P says:

    Gift Cards
    Plate of homemade cookies
    6 Pack of Beer

    I know the beer and cookies don’t fit in the bottle, but a piece of paper telling them the prize will.


  4. Antoine says:

    This site has some good ideas:

  5. Starfish327 says:

    This article has alot of unique and fun prizes for baby showers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck!

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